Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Healthy Adventures: Working out this week...

Alright.  So yesterday I stepped on the scale and weighed myself and I'm back up to 162!  Yikes...that's 5 pounds I've gained in just a couple weeks.  I've been somewhat of a slacker about working out these past few weeks, and also been eating out a lot lately...and so that all stops today!

I pulled out one of my biggest loser workout DVD's and pushed myself through the level 2 workout today.  Man is my body sore and my muscles are sore, but I feel so energized and good about myself after working out.  It's amazing what a good workout does for the body.

One of my goals was to be down to 150/155 by beginning of November.  Guess I have a little work to do!

So far this week I've done a Sunday and a Tuesday workout...I need 3 more days this week to hit my goal of 5 times a week...can I do it?

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